Happy Accident

Several months back a friend of mine moved to a new city. Before leaving, she did what so many people do when moving; she unloaded many things that she had collected over time to make the move easier. We were talking one day and she asked if I would be interested in her Nagel camera. To be honest, I had no clue what she was talking about; the first thing coming to mind when she mentioned Nagel was of the pop deco artist who was famous back in the 80s for creating album covers for Duran Duran. After describing the camera to me, I couldn’t say no. It was something “new”, it was something different, and it was something photography!!!

I am a film geek. I love shooting with film. It doesn’t matter the size of the film, I just love shooting with it. But I will also admit that I do prefer shooting with the larger formats of films. Nothing against 35 mm, but I get a kick out of what can be done with the large format cameras, and with medium format? Oh the sound that’s made when the shutter is released. Gets me excited just thinking about it!

If only all medium format cameras made that lovely KACHUNK sound.

Alas, this Nagel camera would be one that does not. Not that it really matters. Just like the sound…

After doing a little research, I learned that this Nagel camera was produced for only a few short years back in the 1920s to early 30s, and is roughly the equivalent of the Kodak brownie sold here in the States. Kodak actually went on to buy the company, making it the bases of the German branch of Kodak in 1931.

So yay, new toy. I took my Nagel and went shooting. Without fully understanding what I should be paying attention to when winding the film between shots, I created this happy little accident.


About heidi dillehunt

Heidi Dillehunt specializes in Fine Arts Photography, supplying images with a fun, creative and artistic approach.
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1 Response to Happy Accident

  1. Jenna says:

    This photo is great, Heidi! I love it! Nothing like exploration to produce a happy accident. Well done! Can’t wait to see more.

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