If only there was a train…

Last month I had the great opportunity to spend several weeks in Europe.  Before going, I had these grand visions of what I would do while I was there; create epic images and a series to wow the world.  As what happens so often when man makes plans, God laughs.  Almost the entire trip had weather, which I am very familiar with living in Seattle – overcast and rainy.  My ideas of contrasty lit pictures went out the window.  But still, I had an incredible vacation.

While visiting Dublin, my friend and I spent most of the week walking all over the city (and I do mean all over – I’m certain we saw areas of Dublin that 98% of all visitors can’t claim to have seen.  If only they just created tourist maps with a little more detail for those of us who like to walk, and oh, if they put street signs up more frequently on corners – that *definitely* would have made a huge difference!).  On one of our final days in the city we were heading back to our hotel, slightly soaked despite our umbrellas.  As we turned a corner we could hear the rumble of train in the near distance.  Looking up we saw one of the neatest things, a DART train rushing through this classy building up on an overhead track.  I quickly grabbed my handy dandy camera and preceded to spend the next 10 minutes, arms held up to ensure the proper framing of the image, waiting for another train that didn’t come.  Since it was raining and we were getting wet, I went ahead and took this picture.

My friend turns to me and said, “You know, if Ramey (one of our instructors from school) saw this, he’d be saying, ‘What would really make this picture work is if there was a train…'”  Ramey, I so know that would have totally made the pic, but we gave up on the train…

And of course, as we were walking away, we heard the rumbling of the next train…


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Heidi Dillehunt specializes in Fine Arts Photography, supplying images with a fun, creative and artistic approach.
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1 Response to If only there was a train…

  1. curtis crimmins says:

    hey this is kinda cool but you know what? you need a train in that pic!

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