Street Photography

Last week I discovered the French Photographer Laurent Roch ( and fell in love with his work. To an extent, there is a similarity between our work, where as I tend to focus more on building and environment, he focuses more on people.  There is also the obvious fact that we both lean towards Black and White photography.

Feeling inspired by his work, I have decided to spend the next few weeks (and possibly longer, we will have to wait and see) taking pictures around the Seattle area, creating a new portfolio for street photography.  I suspect you’ll be seeing a bit of this work in the near future, and I hope you enjoy seeing it.

To lead off this jump, here is a street photo I took in Dublin with film.

The old Guiness factory in Dublin, Ireland.


About heidi dillehunt

Heidi Dillehunt specializes in Fine Arts Photography, supplying images with a fun, creative and artistic approach.
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1 Response to Street Photography

  1. Mariellen says:

    I’ve been there! Well, not there exactly but past it when I was working for 2 months in Dublin…

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