A Little of This, A Little of That – Exploring various forms of Photography

One of the things that I find hardest about photography is finding the one area to really focus my attention.  I have achieved it to an extent by categorizing myself as a Fine Arts photographer who also does portraiture and Corporate Industrial work.  My problem is that I tend to see things and think, ‘oh wow, that is so cool’ and my mind is off and running with possibilities.  I have actually decided that for the next several blog posts, I will be focusing on various things that have grabbed my fancy and that I have explored.  Whether these explorations will help me narrow down my form of Fine Art photography is to be seen.

Back in February, when I was still in the mind set that I was a Corporate Industrial photographer to the point of ignoring all other forms of photography, I stumbled across the work of an artist who uses photography as her medium.  Her name is Brooke Shaden.  I discovered her flickr site and spent hours studying her work, dissecting it, figuring it out, and thinking of how I could go about doing similar work.  I then had the opportunity to attend a workshop she was running in Los Angeles.  While her technique wasn’t anything new to me, it was the way she thinks that provided the biggest impact of the weekend.  Since then I have spent many hours looking at things a little differently, and thinking of not just creating one image that’s really cool, but thinking in terms of creating series that will be shown in galleries.

I did walk away from workshop with a couple of images that are worth showing.  It is also my intention to create a series based on this style of photography.  But over all, while I love this style, I do not see it being the direction I will take my photography in the future.



About heidi dillehunt

Heidi Dillehunt specializes in Fine Arts Photography, supplying images with a fun, creative and artistic approach.
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  1. Heidi….I really love these!!!

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