That’s Me

Here we are on the about page.  What to say, what to say that is about me.  I am fun loving, optimistic, snarky, slightly shy, yet very talkative person who likes to see the beauty in the world around me.  I love classic rock, and all sports teams associated with Arizona (even the Wild Cats, and yes, that hurt…)

One of my favorite sayings is, ‘Have camera, will travel!’ … What?  That’s supposed to be gun?  But I don’t have a gun – I think a camera works just as well.  At least they both shoot! *grins*  Needless to say, I do love to travel.

So, if you feel you have something I’d be good at shooting, feel free to email at, who knows, we might just work something out!  Or if you’re just curious at what ramblings I might have to say (and not just the fine oratory experience presented here on the blog), follow me on twitter @heididillehunt.

Hmmm, I notice a theme – I almost look like I have a thing about my entire name.  I’m just trying to hammer it in so you don’t forget *winks*

Thanks for the visit (whew, that was a lot less painful than I originally anticipated!)


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