New Beginnings

I have had this blog for some time, but have rarely actually used it. I always found myself in a bit of a quandary about how the blog should be used and what I should say. A part of me wanted to be witty, and sprout words of wisdom. Another part wanted to focus on photography. And the last part? It just threw up it’s arms in frustration.

Let’s just say, I’ve lacked direction.

Well, not any more. I have decided to devote this blog into presenting to the world what I find to be the inspiration behind my work. I won’t be presenting pictures and say, “Now with this piece I was inspired by blah blah blah…” It’ll be more along the lines of talking about things that are happening around me, what catches my eyes, what I read or hear that intrigue me, what grabs my attention and where that all leads me… which ultimately will lead to my art.

So, having said that, I’m changing the name of my blog from the very original, and highly creative title of ‘heidi dillehunt photography blog’ to “The Hunt for Art”. (A little play on my name there, in case you missed it.) It is my intention to post at least once a week with my insights, and on occasion share work that culminated from my efforts.

I hope everyone enjoys what they read, and continues to follow along!


About heidi dillehunt

Heidi Dillehunt specializes in Fine Arts Photography, supplying images with a fun, creative and artistic approach.
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